I like projects. I like to keep busy. In 2014 my wife asked me to build a farmhouse table for our house. I had never done any true woodworking, but I really enjoyed it, and discovered a new hobby. In 2015 we decided to turn my hobby into something more.  Still relatively new to woodworking we are committed to discovering more about the art.

For our clients, we like to know exactly what you are looking for in each piece, from design, to size, and color to fit your home. We build each piece to endure, using solid, strong construction.

Jeff has certainly come a long way since he built that farmhouse table for us. I find new projects for Jeff and I to create. I am the girl that does the distressed finishing, and I do product photography. We partner together to make the pieces you want.
So what's with the name?  

It means 'I love you.'  If you watch the mouth of someone saying elephant shoe it looks like they are saying I love you.  Yeah, it's cheesy, but so are we.  :)